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voting at and their frustrations. on the things that will drive you nuts in our region, right up there in the top two and against the obama care controversy, it's the speed cameras today. we have a new illustration of that frustration that has drawn some serious attention for montgomery county police. scott broom went to gaithersburg for reactions. >> here on their road, hatred of the speed cameras is one thing, but a potential hate crime puts this act of vandalism in a whole different category. >> reporter: it is spray painted as hate, putting this incident in gaithersburg in a more serious category. a pair of speed cameras on the road between the intersections with pawny drive and cheyenne road. the vandalism was quickly cleaned up early this morning by the contractors that operates the speed camera systems. >> what's different about this one is that there is an element to it. >> reporter: he speaks for montgomery county police.
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>> and typically with the speed camera vandalisms in the past, we've had spray paint before. we've had them knocked over. we've had them set on fire and tampered with in other matters. this one had a symbol of hate with it. >> reporter: with more than 2.2 million tickets, since the speed cameras were introduced in 2007. the unpopularity is legendary. but the vandalism is by comparison rare. 44 incidents reported in 2013 so far. and none until now, taking a turn towards hate symbolism, which could get them charged with a felony. social media reactions to this incident, they almost show you the total silence, compared to the camera and their online cheerleading coming with past incidents in the region. they now have about2 speed cameras that could be deployed at 268 sites. ranking in $14.8 million in fines. so while frustration is once
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lead, leading them with vandalism hate symbols is not and they are taking it very seriously. in gaithersburg, scott broom, wusa9. >> and as we said earlier, the speed cameras are in tonight's d.c. area frustration on >> take a look at this, the speed cameras are taking on the affordable care act. the winner gets to stick on president obama who beat out congress yesterday. and i guess that you can log on and let us know which issue will be frustrating you more. the d.c. council jumping into the big redskins debate. they'll pick up a resolution, pushing for them to drop the names. the council has zero over the redskins. and for take offs and landing, it may be done. they'll give us the story. >> reporter: and they will soon
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be able to go gate to gate using the e-readers. they are loosening their roles on electronic devices. and that will be during all fazes of the flight. >> reporter: they say that it is about time. and it is really annoying to put your kindle away and to get it back out again. >> reporter: phone calls are still not allowed, neither is surfing the web or sending e- mails unless you are using their wifi connections. laptops must be put away because of their size. and all gadgets, they will need to be put down during their safety investigation. >> i certainly believe that there will be relief for the flight attendant as they did not want to be sheriffs in the cabin. that's not why they are there for. >> reporter: they will have to sign off on each plan for implementing the changes. some are ready to let the passengers keep their devices
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on as soon as they get that okay. danielle nottingham, cbs news, reagan international airport. >> now, delta and them just announced they filed their plans with the fda to allow the passengers to use those devices during takeoff and landing. and obama care has cutbacks for part-time teachers down in virginia's school systems there, limiting the substitutes to no more than 30 hours a week and because they want to avoid paying for health insurance. now, beginning in 2015, the affordable care act will penalize the major employers that do not provise coverage for them who work 30 hours or more. that's if people just didn't see it coming. and affordable care act is playing a role in the president's lowest approval ratings ever. that's according to the wall street journal poll, down about five points a little earlier this month.
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and that will also be a factor of that. google is furious tonight about the report of the national security agency. and the google executive says that there will be an urgent need for the reform. as comments filed the washington post report based on former nsa contractor edward snowden. well changes on the security clearance system for the federal workers could be in the wakes of the shootings. and they had a hearing on the advocacy of the clearances. the question is how did they get that security clearance despite a series of violent outbursts and repeated brushes with the law? syria has destroyed their weapons. they started in september when they broke the agreement for syria. and this after the obama administration threatened military action against the syrian government.
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>> we are now in a position to conduct any further productional mixing of chemical weapons, as far as they are disclosed. and that is suppose to have happen for them by next summer. be careful if you are out in georgetown tonight. they will be out and about later. there's no crooks on out there who needed to rip off three people just this past tuesday. one in wisconsin avenue, one on o street and one at m and thomas jefferson street. that robert was last seen wearing the blue jeans, riding the pegs on the back. and they will not miss the scaffolding, but they lit that up, which has been great to look at it. for the national park service, they said this sunday will be the final night for the iconic
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monument that will be lit and then the week of november 11, the three-month process of removing that scaffolding will be taking place. still making the repairs for the washington monument, which you know was damaged in august of 2011 when we had that earthquake. and it is halloween in case you didn't know that. if you have a jack-o'-lantern sitting out on your porch, then your pumpkins have nothing on this guy. >> he is elevating the pumpkin carvings through an art form. kristin fisher is live from centreville. hey there. >> reporter: i'll tell you what, you know, this job has taken me to a lot of elaborate halloween displays over the years. this one takes the case. by far my favorite, just in term of the sheer artistry. each one hand carved with an original design and to look at how elaborate these are. now, the man behind all of this, he's a government contractor by day, but at night in the weeks leading up to halloween, he turns into a master pumpkin carver.
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and his name, you'll be looking at what they look like at night. but the daytime, it doesn't do them justice. and to throw the trick or treaters, that's what they will get to see tonight. and i've got to ask you, how on earth did you get into this? >> it's like 1998 going on. and i didn't want to go search for it. and they had wonderful patterns for them. and that they did a dark thing. teenagers were impressed. i started doing my own and then it has gone crazy. >> so you've been doing this for 15 years. i've left each and every pumpkin on out here and i've got to say that this one, it gets my top prize. tell me about this. look at how elaborate this is. >> reporter: the joke will be getting for you tomorrow. giving me the pumpkin when they did it. we had no idea what to do with it as we started to make the saucer with the predator in it. >> and there is the predator. >> it took about 17 hours to
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get carved. it took a little bit to do it. >> so you were doing this for the last minute. how many total man hours? >> 16 to 17 to 18 people. >> okay, that was super cool. they kept the last two seconds with the feedback and the video. >> yes, that's a live feed. >> we were just talking if anybody has tried to carve a pumpkin, it is hard to do it. >> yes, to get something that intricate, that's artistic skills. they need to call it pumpkinism. >> it looks like the trick or treaters will have some great weather, which is very exciting for me to hear and my daughter as well. >> no need to bundle up. we'll -- we'll be windy though. all in all we're keeping our streak alive. it has not rained since 2002. now a passing shower is possible, but look at the temperatures. 62 to 68, between 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
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that's a pretty good deal. the average high is only 64 at this time of the year. pretty good news for the trick or treaters. we'll look at radar. a couple showers north of town, especially back in the mountains with a better chance of the showers overnight for the hagerstown area, winchester up to frederick. but most of the trick or treaters will get that there. it is okay. now, 70 in leesburg and manassas and 66 in gaithersburg and 70 up in frederick. we will come back with a yellow alert for you tomorrow and show you where the wind advisory has been posted. >> all right, topper, thank you. well, i saw it was pretty nice here. but it may force the trick or treaters to stay inside for them at the big nature's mix up. >> plus, it was suppose to make the application process a breeze. coming up at 5:30, more on the problems with the so-called common app and how to make it affect your kid or how to make
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it -- we'll tell you more about it later. >> we've got more on that. next after the break, we'll introduce you to the new management. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ...
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... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia?
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boston finished in the seller of the al east last year. and now that it is all over, they are free to announce that they will be hiring a new manager. his hiring was widely reported earlier. now, they will come to the team
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after four years with the diamondbacks, replacing 70-year- old johnson who retired. he's the fifth manager since they came back in d.c. in '05. frightening moments on the flight this week as they needed to make an emergency landing in the remote town of alaska because they had an engine warning message in the cockpit. nobody hurt there. they also sent another plane up there. they were headed to san francisco for tokyo. >> it's a stormy halloween for texas and throughout the midwest. even into the southwest. as we needed tex plain the flash floods, forcing dozens of people to be rescued near austin. >> reporter: the rescue crews used helicopters. and boats to rescue dozens of people stranded in cars and stuck in trees after flash floods that hit central texas. over half a foot of rain fell in austin overnight.
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the flood victims were forced out of their homes, carrying their belongings and pets to safety. they have no reports of any injuries, but one resident said she has never seen flooding this bad. texas isn't the only area getting hit with the extreme weather. the storm warnings are in effect from houston to chicago. >> the yellow shaded area, the potential for severe weather, including stronger winds, large hail, and possible isolated showers. >> reporter: power was knocked out for surrounding states. looking for outages here as well. >> and the threat of the severe rain forced their governor to postpone trick or treating at the governor's mansion until friday night. welcome back. >> yes, look at the pumpkin ties. >> we love it. >> we just love it. >> and we don't get too many opportunities to wear this. >> why not.
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>> they will need to round it up. >> yes. that will be nice. and they want to use that big thing. let's start with a live look outside. it is the live michael and son weather cam. despite the clouds with 68%. looking at winds that will be pretty strong as they will need to continue to increase. and we'll show you the wind advisory in the second. most of the showers in the mountains. and some of these could be in frederick and hagerstown in the next couple of hours. but most of them will make it a home drive kevin the showers that do. and the average high is 64, so it will be kind of crazy. and it is 69 at college park and 69 at waldorf, even by the
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water it is 66. now, the wind advisories overnight, gusts up to 55 miles per hour. friday a yellow alert day for the showers, especially in the morning hours that will be wet for anybody. the good news, it is still very warm on friday despite the clouds and the showers. here is a look at our future cast, boom. we've got rain and showers everywhere. up towards north of baltimore. the green is generally light to occasionally moderate. so we will have the wet roads come down, coming in from 66. good news is by lunchtime, a few leftover showers. then by the afternoon, most of them will be confined. a slight chance of the afternoon showers on out to the west. that's about it though for the high school football. temperatures tonight, 60 to 65. those are lows, mostly cloudy, windy, showers. the winds are southwest at 5:00 with the wind advisory, frederick county north and west
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and loudon county north and west for this area. if you are around 81 and out in the mountains, i would bring in your trash cams. mainly showers, which will be good enougfor them. 60s and 70s to start with the highs around 75. mostly cloudy, breezy, showers are still possible. winds will need to calm down, southwestly at 10 to 15, a breezy and warm day. even oakland will be at , 74 in winchester. and 74 in manassas and fairfax and 75 downtown. we're looking at 73. 60s across thboard and 70s by 110 witha few leftover showers downtown. and by 1:00 temperatures in the low 70s. so we've got the yellow alert
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tomorrow for the showers. a few showers in the afternoon on saturday, hoping to see that there. and since 1:00. then much cooler for the games, the temperatures, they will need to fall back for the mid- 50s for the highs. and that we will get an extra hour of sleep. i could use that. we're looking at temperatures going back up to 60s on monday. wednesday is just gorgeous, more 60s and we are 70 on thursday. not too cold. that's what we like. >> the best ever. and we can appreciate that. the allegations of the stolen music. we'll talk about the entertainment with them in just a bit. after the break, some of the funniest stuff that we have found out on the web this halloween.
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we'll have some fun. obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad.
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scary fight at one beauty school. students from a beauty parlor took their makeup skills to the test. they have about 250 people dressed up as zombies. the event was for most of the walking dead television series. >> and this is pretty savvy. all right right now, president obama and first lady michelle obama are probably welcoming the local trick or treaters and military families to the the white house. we've got live pictures. and it will be looking cooler. nice to see the the first family in the holiday spirit. no word yet on the president's costume yet. a few down right scary prank videos we would love to share with you this halloween. >> we have an ordinary crowd commercial. right? >> yes. >> that's what it looks like. >> and then wait for it. >> i guess that was kind of scary. but next, the snowman. >> not really. i love him.
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>> and the concept is pretty simple. you stand very still and you wait for your victory. [ laughter ] oh, that's it. that is them in action right there. i like that. >> and then we will watch that right now. the perpetrator sends the unsuspecting victim knelt say tore. next up the lights go out. and enter the creepy lady. it will be scaring the unsuspecting victim. [ laughter ] oh look. you've got to love this. oh, this is very sharp. you know what the problem is? they've been watching too many of those movies. >> oh come on.
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>> that will be horrifying. >> we've got new technology coming your way. which is scary in its own way. >> we'll show you what may be the first citation ever for showing the wrong sort of glasses. >> the computer-aided lens. and how the research technology is helping patients get back on their feet. right after the break, the program making college students even more stressed out. is that possible? we're i'm an independent republican and former member of the virginia house of delegates. i believe in being fiscally responsible and the right to privacy. that's why i can't support ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to ban abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. but terry mcauliffe trusts women to make reproductive healthcare decisions. he'll focus on jobs and the economy. that's why i'm supporting terry mcauliffe.
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"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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i'm mark herring, candidate for sponsored this ad.nd i vo: this is what mark obenshain called a "common sense proposal." obenshain voted to force women to have a transvaginal ultrasound in order to have an abortion. called "intrusive," "medically unnecessary," and "government rape." the virginian-pilot said obenshain used the power of government to do something grotesque. and now he wants to be attorney general?
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mark obenshain: a real threat to virginia women. well we have all heard about the high school woes. high school seniors are running into another speed bump. this one is suppose to help them get into college. >> it is suppose to make the application prospect easier for students to submit applications through the sites. keep better pack of who they are in that application prospect. but for many, it has made a stressful time even more stressful. >> reporter: this website has problems. they've been making this easier for years. >> having just the common application as they know where to go to apply, it is a process
5:29 pm
for them. but this year not so easy. >> i heard from some of my friends that their top decisions have been extended by a week or so. >> reporter: it provides applications for students to submit to their universities, but the recent website updates have not gone as planned. the website has deleted and taken on some, charging for the submission or even crashed together. >> it's been a stressful time. >> reporter: they use the app exclusively. the problems that they have run into has prompted some changes. >> we decided to extend the early decision deadline. that was really to ease things for the students and the counselors and the teachers. >> many have followed suit as they work on fixing the glitches. the lucky one haves no complaints. >> i have not. my sister is a senior right now and she has a hiding problem.
5:30 pm
>> the problems, well, at least none other than the stress of applying to colleges. >> reporter: getting in touch is another struck for the students and parents as the non- profit has been directing them directly to their website. the university have been receiving the updates. if you're at home, try to communicate with your university. it's a good place to start. >> all across the nation, they are in for deep benefit cuts, that's all starting tomorrow. they are set to drop, unless congress gets involved. they will be affected once the officials say that the reduction will be resulting in a loss of nearly $2 billion for poor families next year. the cia director has been topped the head to the boy scouts. also the secretary of defense to begin his two-year term. next year he will exceed wayne perry who lead the scouts through a special teams as they voted to lift the century-old
5:31 pm
banned on gay members. and in what may be a first, the california woman got a ticket for wearing google glass while driving. now, google glass is that wearable computer thing with a little screen above the right eye and you can take pictures and read messages. she was pull over for speeding on tuesday and got an additional citation for driving while wearing google glass. the device wasn't turned on at the time and the officer can't prove otherwise, but she faces a fine of at least $162. wow, and you have seen what they wear on the the normal day, so you can only imagine what the celebrities are wearing today on halloween. the entertainment reporter is here. welcome. >> hi. >> and it is really a fun day as we have seen with the celebrities, that they decided to dress up. we'll start with miley cyrus.
5:32 pm
describe what she is wearing. >> i actually loved this costume. she is lil kim, playing to lil' kim and we all remember her wearing the purple pasty and diana ross lifted up her breast during the show. lil' kim said i wish i could be there to squeeze you know what. >> i think it's creative and cute and again i'm not a huge miley fan, but this one is actually kind of fun. >> and the other one that is pretty funny. i saw ellen degenerous. hilarious. >> yes, and she is dressed up as someone else as well. >> it is so funny. so she was on her show a few
5:33 pm
weeks ago, wearing no shirt, no bra really and ellen said would you like to borrow a bra from me? and sort of embarrassed her. she is so hilarious. i love that she did it. i love it, love it, love it. >> she did a very good impersonation. >> yeah, she did. >> what's the controversy going on with robin thicke and the children of marvin gay? a little back story for the folks that don't know what's going on. >> blurred lines, the line that everyone cannot get out of their head, huge song of the year. marvin gates family said that it was a rip off of one of his songs and robin thicke actually sued the family, which is a little bizarre and said no, no, no, this is my song. that's still going on. and today the kids of marvin gay filed a lawsuit against robin saying not only is it the blurred lines thing still relevant, they think that he has copied things from him in the past. and so this is just a real
5:34 pm
nasty feud that's happening. >> didn't he admit that he was a huge fan of marvin gay? >> yes, if you're a robin thicke fan, you know, he just got famous this year. he's been doing this for a long time. he's always been an r&b man, always influenced by people like marvin gay, stevie wonder. he's a real r&b guy. now that he is famous and mainstream and has a lot of money frankly that now the family is saying wait a minute, you've been copying forever. and his cds have been out for ten years. >> and you know because you've been a fan. >> i have. >> we'll talk about kerry washington. a lot of her fans might be hearing about a pregnancy buzz. >> yes, she does keep a very top secret lifestyle though. >> she does. she is so ultra private. she's from the beyonce school of privacy really. she does not comment on anything that has to do with her personal life. she got married this summer, no one knew until her people sent
5:35 pm
out a press release and said she is married. >> she is married to an nfl player. he's not a huge star. sort of under the radar. so they are married. and now the buzz is that she's pregnant and you know you have made it when people are buzzing about your possible baby bump. we don't know if it is true. if it is, congratulates. we'll see what happens. >> first comes love and then the marriage. >> yes, then the baby carriage. >> anything new with chris brown? >> nothing new that i'm aware of, but the saga continues. this kid cannot stay out of trouble, which is really a shame because he is so talented with such promise and he is still very talented. but the personal stuff will catch up with you. >> is he still in rehab? >> as far as we know, yes. it is suppose to be a three- month stint for as long as we know. hopefully he could stay out of trouble while in rehab. >> all right, good to see you, happy halloween.
5:36 pm
>> thanks, you too. still ahead, the nsa whistle blower edward snowden gets a new gig. plus some clouds and very warm time for the trick or treaters with the temperatures, despite the clouds, 68 downtown. 66 in gaithersburg. 70 in leesburg and manassas. when we come back, we'll talk about obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad.
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there you have the first lady. no costumes. what's the deal first family? it's got to be something. >> what are you going to wear? [ laughter ] >> all right folks, police cruisers are now getting a makeover. the chief helped to introduce the new police line up today. and the cruisers have an all- new color scheme and they will replace the aging crown vices. and now as of today, they took 24 of these brand new guys and 75 that will be coming their way. nsa leaker edward snowden has a new job. he is now accepting an i.t. job with a russian website. >> he was granted asylum in russia after being stuck at the
5:40 pm
moscow airport for more than a month. his exact whereabouts remain a secret. a california town pretended to shut down a plane to make a popular hot spot to fail. people living here say that the powerful odor from that sriracha makes their eyes water. and today they rejected the city's request to shut down the plant until the problem is fixed. the company executive say that they have been cooperating with the city to reduce the odor. thousands of people living in our area have a security catch to do their job. tonight at 6:00, what is appearing and what the navy yard shooting might mean to them. shutting down the path to rehabilitation. see how the new medical advances are helping
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vo: "wrong" "too extreme" "senseless" meet the tea party ticket. together waging "ideological crusades" to ban abortion even in the case of rape and incest. cuccinelli and obenshain even sponsored legislation the post says could ban birth control pills. and all three oppose comprehensive background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. a tea party ticket - wrong for virginia families. independence usa pac sponsored this ad.
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they decided whether or not to seek the death penalty for the boston bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev. they're not saying what their decision is, but their recommendation is now going to eric holder who is expected to
5:44 pm
make a final decision by the end of january. the victims of the terrorist attacks have passed a rehabilitation that is not an easy road. but advances in the rehab tech is helping those get back to their normal lives. >> and it's a beautiful day in boston. and we were able to walk the marathon route. >> reporter: they were near the marathon finish line when tragedy struck. >> the next thing we knew we were lying on the sidewalk. and begging for our lives to be saved. and it was horrible. >> reporter: she lost her left foot in the blast and now she's walking again. she was in d.c. wednesday night receiving a gala victory reward for showing resilience in the face of adversity. advances in artificial limbs made it possible for her to walk again in just a few months. >> they'll incorporate even many -- even more computer systems. >> we're talking about the computerized ankles for the
5:45 pm
micro processors, and the program shown directly inside the device. >> and we actually do have to connect the person to the computer to program everything. they all use the same technology with two artificial legs after losing his in an accident 35 years ago. >> i'll have a computer chip in this one here. i'll plug it in every night. and it charges up. >> reporter: and the progress is still evolving. check out the latest generation of the technology. it is designed to help overcome paralysis. this patient was bound to a wheelchair for several years. >> and we are diving with sharks in january and designing a thing for that. >> reporter: as for adrienne, she is designing many differencetypes of the prosthetics. >> not at all. >> it was six and a half months now in flats. >> and they are a ballroom dancer, her goal is to design a prosthetic foot that will be allowing her to get back on the
5:46 pm
dance floor as we wish her well. and after the boston marathon bombing, a whole lot of attention has been turned to the city's baseball team. now, last night when the red sox won the world series, well, for some fans, they needed to move up to the marathon finish line to celebrate. >> and they put the stripes on for honoring the victims, and to connect to the tragedy as it will be moving away. >> it is kind of inspiring. now, ever since the bombing, survivors, they've been the guest of honor, throwing out the first pitches. >> always watching, always tracking. their first alert weather. >> wow. great fans, or greatest fans? i don't know. certainly great. >> but i will still see them win though.
5:47 pm
>> exactly. that was pretty cool. last year they were so bad. i was reading the paper, they couldn't stand it. they wanted him out of the town. now he's a hero, of course. a live look outside, it's the live michael and son weather cam. temperatures still near 70. it's 68. dew points in the upper 50s. so the relative humidity is not that bad at 58%. winds are out of the south. we'll talk about the winds in just a minute. right now we'll look at radar with some showers, out to the west of hagerstown. now, these showers, you see them coming into the left portion of your screen. those will be rolling on through later on tonight. kids will get home by 8:00 to 9:00 in the immediate metro area. they'll be fine. 66 in arlington, 67 in reston. still 69 at college park and 68 down in waldorf. the trick or treat forecast will be nice. windy and warm conditions. if you care about the history of halloween, go to our website,, click on my blog. windy and warm, passing
5:48 pm
showers. 62 to 68. get the kids home early, they'll be fine. wind advisory north to west overnight. friday a yellow alert for the nuance showers, especially in the morning, a wet commute for the most of us in the early morning hours. still very warm on saturday, despite the fact that a lot of clouds will be lingering in the cold front and they will be moving on through. staying pretty warm. look at the showers up and down i-95. a big commute for everybody. by the lunchtime, maybe a few leftover showers. nothing crazy heavy, although we cannot rule out a chance for the thunderstorms south of town. then by 5:30 some clearing and the lingering showers with the clouds across southern maryland. good news for the high school football. for tonight mostly cloudy, windy, with the showers mainly late. low 60 to 65. winds are southwest at 15 to 25 and gusty. winds are up to 50 miles per hour out in the mountains. leesburg and frederick, 40 miles per hour winds. you could have 50 miles per hour winds. then you get out in the real mountains, cumberland, romulous, oakland, 55 miles per
5:49 pm
hour winds. that advisory goes until 8:00 a.m. by morning, mostly cloudy, windy, warm, mainly early showers. 60s and 70s. yes, 60s and 70s to start. by the afternoon, mostly cloudy, breezy, warm, high temperatures around 75 and the winds are calming down just a little bit at the southwest from 10 to 15. look at how mild it is. 60s across the board. 70s by 11:00 with the showers. you'll notice the winds, they are blowing the rain showers. very windy right on through the morning hours. and then by 1:00, warm, some sunshine returns. temperatures in the lower 70s. >> so they needed to get yellow alert for saturday with a few afternoon showers on saturday. now, one cold front tomorrow and another one on saturday. hope to see you on autism speaks walk. and there is a link on our blog if you want to log in and sign up. and then much cooler on sunday. only 54 for the game. next seven days, temperatures rebound. 60 on tuesday.
5:50 pm
65 on wednesday and 70 next thursday with more showers and rain moving in. >> thank you, top. a former volunteer firefighter has plead guilty to 68 counts involving a thing of arson out along the virginia eastern shores. he is 30 to 40 years old. in court documents, he told investigators he torched dozens of unoccupied buildings last winter and this past spring. he'll be sentenced in december. his fiance also faces charges in the case. well trouble off the ice for the former washington capitol. the goalie, who now plays for the colorado avalanche, by the way, now accused of assaulting his girlfriend, kicking her in the chest and dragging her by the hair. the court documents say that the alleged incident took place on monday. he turned himself into the cops last night. metro will be open a bit later tonight to accommodate all the folks heading to the verizon center. the system will stay up for an extra hour to help riders trying to get home from the drake concert. police stations will be closed
5:51 pm
on metro's blue and orange line for work this weekend. smithsonian, federal center southwest and the capitol south stations will be completely closed. it will not be open for the orange and blue line riders. shuttle buses run between eastern market and federal triangle. our sources told the associated press that american airlines and u.s. airways will propose giving up some of their take off and landing slots at national airport in hopes of fending a lawsuit blocking their merger, creating the world's biggest airlines. but the justice department and six dates have gone to court to block it. they say such a merger would cut the competition and lead to higher airfares. coming up tonight at 6:00, setting a blog in the name of beauty. we'll tell you all about the vampire facials. which side is more energized to get out to vote on tuesday in virginia in i'm peggy fox with six days to go. we'll take a look at the governor's race and others.
5:52 pm
but first two schools don't just exercise your mind, oh no. find out how some local
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
we're here to remind you that there is still time to vote on the high school game of the week poll with four games to choose from. text the code to the game you want. and the winners will be featured on friday night. remember, you can see all highlight stores and pictures on our website,
5:55 pm
well in this week's cool schools, we are going mobile. in fact the students at chester book elementary are doing that two ways. >> wow, as mike hydeck explains, one is high-tech and the other is old school and both are good exercise. >> reporter: can an ipad or a smart phone be good for your health? if you have creative features, then yes, they can. >> we are going to need one, two, three. >> reporter: they created an exercise trail at virginia school with the quick response codes. what's that you say? see the graphic squares? >> it is a thing that you scan that can like take you to a website or like a video or pictures or something. >> reporter: the students, they scan the code and then up pops an instructional video for each station. and they are the star. >> i like it because we are sort of like funny in most of them. when he pops out the trees, it's the best one.
5:56 pm
>> hey boys and girls, it's time to work out the upper body. >> reporter: it is also pretty effective. >> i could sit here in the middle to oversee everything and the kids are getting great instructions there, here, there. and so it is like i have divided myself into or morphed myself into six people. >> reporter: it is so good that they could teach it now. >> oh. >> it will be a complete circle. >> and how many do we have to do? >> seven. >> is that the hardest one out of all of them would you say? >> yes. >> all right, i'm done. >> reporter: and it doesn't end there. those codes, they are popping up everywhere at chester brook. >> i can see children, small children, i see the the fifth and sixth graders using them in our reports, the teachers, they are using them to do the material. >> reporter: the projects on the bulletin board could not only be seen, but heard. >> all the dolphins are mammals. >> if i find them on our website. >> reporter: they brought the
5:57 pm
idea of these codes to the school. and the fellow educators, they will keep creating new ways of using the scan to get the math videos. microsoft mystery, scanning the code will give you an extra clue to look into the microscope. >> reporter: what started as an exercise to the body will now stretch their minds. for the teachers and students. >> it will be going so well. you would want to follow in their footsteps. mike hydeck, wusa9. >> wow. he was impressive. i don't think that i could do one push-up. especially not like that. if you have a cool school, send mike an e-mail at or send a message on twitter. >> that's good. your tray tables need to stay up, but now your electronics can stay on.
5:58 pm
>> it's all for trick or treating. we'll have the answer once we get a look at your world in 90 seconds. an international chemicals weapons group said syria has destroyed their equipment. the announcement comes just one day ahead of the november first deadline. new surveillance shows kendrick johnson in the high school gym just hours before his body was found there. >> reporter: the body of the 17- year-old high school athlete was found last january in an upright wrestling match in the school gym. they launched both to rescue people stranded in their home. first responders, they help people carry their belongings to safety. triggering the flash floods that they took over this neighborhood. >> providing the application for the students to submit to more than 250 universities. recent website updates have not gone as planned.
5:59 pm
>> they passed their expectations, but they were suppose to find news that they were spending less time on the site. >> this is for you, boston. they have it happen for 95 years. >> it's the 107-year-old here to see a few more in the historic moment. >> reporter: and there is always the beer. >> that's so cute. >> i would cut them off. because you need to see them. there >> wow. odds are you live in this town and you know somebody with a security clearance. but now questions about the system after the navy yard shooting could mean that the process gets changed. surae chinn takes a look at the hearing and wake of the shooting that killed a dozen people. >> are you all am

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